Here we are!!! The Holiday Season ~ and all the JOY it brings!

Our heads spin with the velocity of another year gone by…and yet…

…we now have another opportunity to see the bright side of life with lights, decorations, music and ~ especially, the spirit that inspires us to appreciate our abundance. Let’s throw ourselves into this spirit with abandon!

Whether it’s family, friends, opportunities, experiences, travels ~ or worldly goods.  Every holiday celebrated this time of year holds these lovely values dear.

Better yet ~ the chance to share all of it.  There are so many ways… Many that are personal ~ many that are not. With those equally as fortunate ~ or not.

Choices, choices, choices!!! Sound familiar??? Let’s revisit, or continue, the mindfulness and gratitude that we embraced last month!!!


What ARE the ways we can spread our joy??? Ways that make a difference, cost little or nothing more than mindfulness, kindness ~ and a bit of TIME.

TIME…the most precious of our personal commodities. Ours to share however our IMAGINATION directs us.

(PAY ATTENTION…a theme is building here…)

Even if the time cannot be shared DURING the overwhelmingly busy HoliDAZE … The search for the right way to spark some joy may be what inspires us until the lightbulb presents (ahhh…presents as a ‘PRESENT?’) itself.  Wrap a note as your gift describing what is forthcoming.  This will stretch your joy (and theirs) into the dreaded Winter months and not encumber you with shopping and TIME now. IMAGINE eliminating some stress by adding TIME …

Perhaps you take it on as an Individual? Family? Group? Just talking about it will bring you joy.

JOY! JOY! JOY!  … worth repeating and repeating ~ and repeating.

Even the simple consideration of what you may do will bring you great happiness…guaranteed! Thinking of others really does have this effect.  Make it a conversation at your next meal or gathering…some amazing ideas may develop. SHARING ideas is another chance to spark joy!  Engage each other’s IMAGINATIONS!

Who is it that invites you to dinner or buys you coffee, treats you to the movies, always invites you first…finds TIME for you ~ yet you never get the chance or have the TIME to reciprocate?  We all have something that is uniquely us to gift that person…several ~ or many people.  It will not only be appreciated but carry the good cheer of the knowledge that you put time and effort into the thinking of it ~ even before you deliver!

You may decide to take on sharing your SMILE with the world at large.  Randomly buy coffee for the person before or behind you.  Hold doors more often ~while making eye contact and adding that winning smile!!! Holding a door is one of the last vestiges of common courtesy … and it rarely goes unappreciated.

NOW…another opportunity. One that warms the heart. One that warms a home.  One that is unique.  One that makes a difference…

Tis certainly the season when more awareness of those less fortunate abounds… Where might we direct our time, energy, funds???  There are a plethora of food drives.  Opportunities to buy/donate toys, etc.  Find something unique that inspires your imagination…

A favorite of mine for many years…Call PECO and offer to cover the estimated bill for someone who is genuinely attempting to cover it on their own, but falling short…through the holidays.  Or a couple months past, if it’s in your budget.  The company can estimate what may cover the family or individual…and you can remain anonymous.  Best feeling ever.

In closing the year with this series of Resolve to Be Resilient! articles ~ let’s circle back to the theme that this piece ‘presents’ (wink! wink! wink!) and the theme that has been building over the months…

Take care of yourselves with practical, mindful, meaningful ~ SIMPLE! – Day In & Day Out practices that relieve stress and spread joy!  This approach to self-care will emanate at levels that will astound you!

Let gratefulness abound! WRAPPING IT UP!