…better known as “back to reality!”

So here we are… Summer’s over. Life resumes at an even more hectic rate with a cataclysmic sense of shifting gears.

Vacation’s over… and the next round of events include academic calendars, new hires in our workplaces, shorter daylight hours and longer hours of productivity. Deadlines for tax extensions. New projects and the details leading up to year-end goals. Book Clubs, sports/dance/theatre/speaker series subscriptions resume ~ the calendar takes on new life! Not to mention the approaching holidays!!! Whew! Certainly a lot going on.

And with all of this… we usually recommit to the pre-summer disciplines that are the norm through next Spring. OR, maybe thinking of shaking things up and starting fresh? Options are limitless!

LISTS! Always a perfect place to begin a sense of accomplishment. Itemizing and prioritizing, then adding to our calendars, planners and other means of organizing and re-organizing. Getting those events/subscriptions penciled in is probably first.

PRIORITIZING! While the planning process unfolds ~ make movement a must! Movement releases stress and tension.

Here are some ways to add movement, on a daily basis, that may extend that active summer vibe…

  • Morning Stretches… many physicians are recommending just that! Once you get a short routine started (*yup ~ under 5 minutes!)… you will reap benefits you never expected. On your bed or on the floor… simple movements.
    *short routine at close of this article
  • Exercise Bands… in your office, or at home. Ease your shoulders and neck ~ improve your posture with this lightweight, portable movement accessory.
    *short routine at close of this article
  • Park at the far end of the lot when shopping, attending an event ~ or catching the train. That jaunt from the car adds a few more moments of fresh air and sunshine. Both energizing and inspiring!
  • Walk to errands, coffee shop or exercise class. It’s easier when your walk has an intention and a destination.
  • Avoid one more look at social media and get outside!
  • Continue those summer activities that spark your joy… Ride your bike to those errands ~ or discover one of our many local trails.
  • September weekends still offer an opportunity for a float trip on Brandywine Creek while the water is still warm. An upstream 3 mile hike from the parking lot and float to return. Easy and fun for the whole family ~ or 10 of your best friends.

Just keep moving!

Morning Stretches:  7 is the magic number…7 reps or hold 7 seconds

Supine: (lying on your back)

  • Angel Arms: Extend arms to sides and overhead ~ 7 reps
  • Ankle Circles: Extend one leg up to ceiling and circle ankle 7 times each direction
  • Shoulder Bridge: Knees bent hip width apart; arms long at sides. Lift hips and hold 7 seconds… lower spine slowly and smoothly. Lengthening all the way down.
  • Knee Folds: Pull one knee into shoulder; extending opposite leg long. Hold 7 seconds. Switch. Then both knees at once.
  • Arm Pulls: Pull one arm across chest with opposite hand. 7 seconds… Switch. Then both arms point to ceiling. Rotate wrists 7 times each direction.

Side Lying:

  • ½ Superman/woman: Extend top arm and top leg in opposite directions pulling yourself apart. Hold 7 seconds… Switch sides.

Supine: (again, lying on your back)

  • Twist… Lengthen your body completely. Pull LEFT knee into chest and pull it across your body with the opposite hand.  Shoulders heavy, but not necessarily flat, to twist torso. IF YOU DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE EACH MORNING… do this! Hold for 7+++ seconds. Just enjoy this awakening of your spine.
  • Neck Stretches: Sideways… reach right ear towards right shoulder… 7 seconds. Switch gently to the left. Next… Turn… Right ear to bed (or floor); left ear will be pointing up to ceiling. Switch.
Done!  When you master the sequence ~ less than 4 minutes!!!

EXERCISE BANDS: for neck and shoulders. Be your own masseuse for 3 minutes!

Goal is to release tension… So simply grip band enough to hold onto it.

  • Overhead: Hold band long with palms facing your body. Up and overhead and back. We do not take our arms overhead regularly or with intention. This moves the shoulder blades up and down.
  • Laterally in front of your body (sideway) Pulls: Hold band with palms up with elbows bent 90 degrees at your waist. Keep elbows stationary as you pull the band sideways. Shoulder blades move towards each other.
  • Laterally behind your body… Hold band with palms facing forward at your waist. Pull apart and shoulder blades will separate.

Bands are portable… desk drawer, glove compartment, backpack, briefcase…

Carry on!!! Have a Super September!