Whether you follow NCAA Men’s College Basketball, or not ~ March Madness simply cannot be ignored. Especially since the 2016 win by Villanova.

This colloquialism has meaning well beyond its origin. Which may surprise you that until 1982 “March Madness” was confined to Illinois high-school basketball. You can ‘Google’ that!

NOW…How can we use this energy to our advantage???

Let’s set our imaginations loose!

Here we are in the throes of Winter…with March being the big finish! Whoo hoo!

Whereas March Madness pertains to a 68-team tourney that progresses to the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, Final Four and the “Big Dance”… Let’s get ‘in the game’ by including this lingo in our journey through the last month of Winter…

Starting with those 68 teams. Each team has had its schedule, completed by more than a roster of players with their individual strengths. Coaches, captains, stars, managers, staff that handle equipment and travel. Trainers that deal with injuries. Players that step up when injuries occur. It is an ‘organization’ – thrown together to become a family. Challenges with physical, mental, academic and social responsibilities. Day in and day out. Ups and downs. Commitment and support. Just as each of us gets through life…one day at a time.

This can easily be an individual endeavor. Or make it a family, friends or work endeavor. Successful teams, organizations, corporations, companies are at their best when they bond. Collaborate. Set goals. Grab a blackboard, white-board, or easel and start throwing that list together. Snap! Done! ~ probably with a bit of laughter and moans…

Do it without second guessing or the impulse to reassess. Sure, there will be adjustments later. Just don’t overthink it. Have fun with it!

You may be taken by surprise by what has been rambling around in your brain ~ and the brains of family, friends and associates!  Yes, we are letting loose here!!! Total abandon!

Have fun with this… Make a list of 68 influences. Sounds like a big number, right?



Organizing/Decluttering ~ isn’t this a goal in every household???

Big Purchases: Car? TV? Computer? Mobile Devices? Refrigerator? Stove? Dishwasher? Washer/Dryer? Furniture?

Projects: Painting, Repairs…where should we hang those pictures? Photos?

Travel: Long weekends, Spring Break, College Tours

INDIVIDUALS: most of the same as a family but maybe considering…

A new hobby, reading list, a new ‘look,’ new career, taking on self-care encompassing food, fitness and wellness…

WORK: well…work, work, work

Now a choice. Prioritize or not? The possibility of a random approach or emphasis on order? Go at that list one item after the other ~ or impose a systematic approach. Either way…most likely categories will develop. Organizing the categories – something like the bracket for the actual March Madness … wheedle it down through your Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and finally to  the ‘Big Dance!’ Celebrating your way to the last item on the list …

Make the most of the Magic of March. YOU are already the champion!

Goal here is to take the 68 and make manageable accomplishments for the 31 days of March. Nothing like crossing those items off the boards to make a month fly by!

Coincidentally ~ the Ides of March pertains to settling debts and corresponds to March 15th – NOW we have a mid-point to add to our March through the Madness!!!


Start with pairings. Two items a day for families/friends. Three a day for work related based on a 5-day work-week.

Families/Friends – Yes, that only adds up to 62 … so let’s whack 6 items off the list first! Doesn’t that feel good???

Work related – 66 for you with 22 work days in March 2018. Two get the heave ho!

The days may still be short. The temperatures low. Your focus on the Madness of March may put some fuel on the fire of accomplishing a multitude of minutiae ~ or major projects!

Have at it!