Yay! April has arrived ~ and with it hope SPRINGS! Yup, Spring comes to life with shoots and buds. Longer days and so much more…

Pranks on April 1st aside … it’s as if a switch went ON when Daylight Savings Time began in March…and has now exploded into full SWING! Speaking of…

Batters’ are up with Opening Day of the Baseball Season. We shake the cobwebs off our tennis racquets and golf clubs. Outdoor activities bolster our spirits with renewed verver.

Not to mention… the vivid colors ~ and that special green that sprouts from our bushes and trees that makes Pennsylvania one of the most beautiful States with its botanical diversity. The rays of sun that break through the branches and limbs at that certain angle. The smell of fresh air and the scent of wet earth after months of recirculated air in our heated homes…ahhhhhhhhhh ~ nothing like it!

How lucky we are to have this climate and environment. Sure we had those gray days of Winter… Our share of snow – and that bitter, bitter, bitter blast of cold that seemed would never end. And, now, it has!

So what will you do with this get-up-and-go intensity that puts more pep in your step??? Fuel a new passion? Renew a goal with gusto? Are you inspired with intensity to finish a project; undertake a new field of study; make or break a habit; find a new job???

If you have been following these ‘Resolve to Be Resilient’ articles ~ you are well aware that LIST-making is limitless and a theme that sparks the spunk of resiliency! Whether you are new or not…here goes…

With the added length to the day…let’s start with daily routines. The day-in and day-out that is our structure. If you do not have structure ~ consider it. It’s just the framework that allows up to make choices that are manageable. The details that fill in the structure is what adds joy and diversity. Perhaps you have a weekday structure and a weekend structure to contemplate? Let’s have fun with this…

  • What time do you awaken? Do you need an alarm? Are you well rested?
  • First activity of the day: Brush your teeth? Regular or powered toothbrush? Floss?
  • Do you STRETCH right away? Your pets do! That is how they gracefully begin functionally moving (after every bout of ‘not’ moving). There is currently a lot of support from the medical, wellness and fitness fields that there is so much value in Morning Stretches. Start your day with a stress deficit…no kidding! Find/make a routine that hits head to toe…in less than 5 minutes. Again, manageable…Take it ON!
  • Breakfast…still the most important meal of the day. Are you stuck in a routine here? Bust loose! Spring into action with a smoothie, avocado toast, chia pudding…mix it up! Eggs, oatmeal…variety is, without a doubt, still the spice of life!!! Round it out with your favorite coffee or tea. AND make time to enjoy it. Not always possible as we dash to school, work, etc… Set it up the night before… NOT rushing in the morning will start your day with so much LESS stress.
  • 9 to 5 (yes, that would be a luxury!) … What responsibilities fill your day? Do you ‘punch a clock?’ Have flexible hours? Work in an office?… or from home – or a mix? School? … maybe both school and work? Children, pets, friends to consider? Whatever you do…set an alarm to remind you to MOVE every 30 minutes. A simple stretch will do the trick. A walk down the hall.  Ninety seconds-3 minutes can put some pizzazz into that next hour. Mini break…Just try it!
  • Fuel Breaksor Full Lunch? Nourish yourself. Hydrate. No one doubts that what we eat and drink effects our performance and the way we feel every day. Experiment and find what works for you. Again, variety!!! It’s easier than we think. Again, variety!!!
  • Leisure Hours… Are there activities, hobbies, projects that seem NEVER to get on your agenda??? LEISURE LIST!!! Yes, a project can be on your leisure list… There will be no better feeling than when you cross it off! Activities and hobbies are an important factor in our well-being. Yet, we postpone them for ‘when we have time.’ Make them a priority! Just like the Mini break ~ prioritizing time for leisure will make you more productive over all.
  • Well-being and Self-Care…Mindfully creating time for a healthy future. Guilt-free time to read a book, learn to meditate, or simply daydream. Get a massage. Take up a non-sport (birdwatching?) that supports a healthy lifestyle. Something just for you. Something peaceful…de-stressing. You know…the stuff that goes even further down the list than ‘when I have time.’
  • REST… Go to bed earlier? Find a day (as often as possible) when you don’t set an alarm. Take a nap. Sleep and rest are as precious as food and water.
  • SOCIALIZE more? Or less? Spend time with loved ones. People that bring out the best in you…make you smile and laugh. On the flip side…treasure your ‘alone time’ to revitalize you.

Make your List … check it often!  Crossing OFF ~ and adding ON regularly. Surprise yourself!